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Red Dot Auto Mobile Service LLC

Olive Branch Mobile Brake Repairs, Mobile Oil Change and Mobile Tire Services

Located in Southaven serving Olive Branch and surrounding areas

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Red Dot Auto Mobile Service LLC

Olive Branch Mobile Brake Repairs, Mobile Oil Change and Mobile Tire Services

Located in Southaven serving Olive Branch and surrounding areas

Residential Investments

Red Dot Auto Mobile Service LLC understands that the decision to hire a firm for your residential needs is a big investment. Let our multifaceted team of qualified service specialists provide you with the expertise required for your large-scale residential projects.  



Very professional and reliable, a great mechanic.

-Delanda Cunningham

Great and dependable service!!!! 😊😊😊

-Wendy Davidson

Great customer service, respond in a timely manner and provided great service.

-Andrea Meeks

What we are about

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Experience and Expertise

Offering personalized solutions for many years, our highly skilled professionals will guide you in making the most cost-effective decisions for your home and family in the area. Despite being one of the largest service providers in the region, we consistently provide a personalized hands-on approach for homeowners that is designed to meet your strict budget and time constraints. If you’re considering hiring a specialty service provider for your residence, contact our team to discuss more. With services that also include Mobile Brake Repairs, Mobile Oil Change, Mobile Tire Services

Residential Service Provider

With proper planning and a knowledgeable and experienced team you can attain peace of mind for large scale residential projects in your area. Most importantly, consider working with a company that you feel you can easily approach and is available to answer all your questions from the outset. We are a reliable and informative team of professionals, here to assist you.

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Communicating with Your Service Provider

No matter how big or boastful a firm is, the right provider for you is the one that you feel most comfortable talking to from the first meeting. Although, you are looking for a business that understands your needs as a homeowner and has the experience to back up and fulfill those requirements. Clear communication that is based on good customer service is the foundation for a successful business. That’s why Red Dot Auto Mobile Service LLC staff is always available for you from the first phone call or email. We can provide helpful tips and recommendations prior to you signing a contract.

Check for Industry Credentials

Substance does not always follow style. Some residential industry service providers talk a good game, but can they really deliver? Check for certifications and membership affiliations with major industry trade organizations. Our team functions according to a strict set of standards and code of ethics. Red Dot Auto Mobile Service LLC staff is in good standing and has been certified by local and regional associations. In addition, each of our specialists dispatched to any residential location is fully licensed and insured to preserve the safety of your family and security of your investment.

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Get a Contract in Writing

We offer detailed timeframes and accurate costs that also include customized options for payment arrangements. We are committed to accountability and honesty. We maintain open customer communication throughout a project and will respect the timeline outlined in the contract.

Quality vs. Quantity

Your service provider should be able to tell you exactly what will take place during the project and offer an approximate time and cost-estimate from the very first consultation. Expect honest answers as to whether certain services are actually needed and request a written description of what the project will entail. The lowest bid is not always the most cost-effective for a homeowner. Red Dot Auto Mobile Service LLC does not compromise quality for economy when it means additional cost for our clients in the long run. Contact us for a complete consultation to clarify all the facts you need to know for your project and get a free estimate and quote today.